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“I first started working out with Nicole in the fall of 2010. I quickly realized this was like no other workout I’d ever done. It was more focused, extremely efficient and results were fast.”


“Nicole’s postnatal class was the perfect way to transition back into feeling ready to exercise any way I want. Not only am I stronger after 6 weeks of class, but I also have a whole library of exercises that can be done at home, often using nothing but my own body weight–and sometimes my 10-month-old “kettlebell” baby.”

Amy, Oak Park, IL

“From the beginning, there was a difference in training with Nicole. She closely watches her clients’ form and she plans out sessions in advance based on our bodies and our abilities. Having a personalized workout is amazing and the support over the course of the session and the past three years has helped me achieve my goals.”

Emily, Oak Park, IL


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Nicole is the president and founder of Mama’s Gotta Move, Inc. She is a nationally published fitness writer (Experience Life, Runner’s World, Women’s Running), newspaper columnist (Chicago Tribune Local), and sought-after personal trainer.

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