Postpartum Core Essentials

This 6-week course will teach you the basics for safely returning to exercise after pregnancy. You’ll learn strategies for strengthening and supporting your pelvic floor during movement, as well as considerations for healing diastasis recti.  Emphasis is on functional exercises for daily life and strength training to correct imbalances and promote healing. Recommended for moms in any stage of their postpartum journey. Class is capped at 4 participants.

When: Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30pm, six-week sessions

Where: Balance Fitness Studio, 115 N. Oak Park Ave., Suite 100, Oak Park

How much: $198 for six weeks

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“Loved the class. Loved Nicole. The only thing I want is more. I was taking the postnatal class in addition to physical therapy for diastasis and back pain, and Nicole’s class, in just four sessions, helped me understand how to move even better than 12 sessions of PT. You should try it!”

Elizabeth V., Oak Park, IL

Metabolic Madness

This HIIT (high intensity interval training) class is just 30 minutes, but you’ll be amazed at how much you can get done in this short period of time. Each week features a different type of metabolic workout, including the Tabata Protocol, circuit training, descending ladders and more. If you’re looking for an efficient way to maximize fat burn, build strength and improve cardiovascular conditioning, this class is perfect for you! Class capped at six participants.

Tuesdays, 6:30-7 pm, six-week sessions, seasonal—see schedule for dates
Where: Balance Fitness Studio, 115 N. Oak Park Ave., Suite 100, Oak Park
How much: $120 for six weeks
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“Even after taking this class weekly for the past two years, the class intensity continues to challenge me. When this workout was not in my routine for a few months, I immediately noticed how my metabolism was impacted. Besides the personal satisfaction of being able to rise to the challenge of this workout, there is the time efficiency of getting it done in 30 minutes!”

Jeanette, Oak Park, IL


Have you ever been advised to strengthen your glutes and/or core? Not sure what to do beyond the usual squats, lunges and crunches? This class will wake up and strengthen every muscle in your lower body, using a variety of equipment and training strategies. Ideal for runners and anyone looking to prevent injury, get stronger and move better.

Tuesdays, 6:30-7:15 pm, six-week sessions, seasonal—see schedule for dates
Where: Balance Fitness Studio, 115 N. Oak Park Ave., Suite 100, Oak Park
How much: $140 for six weeks
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“I have been working with Nicole for years, with personal training and group classes. Glute Recruit is a 45-minute class that focuses on working out the lower body, specifically your glutes aka BUTT! It does just that. I am a runner and have come to learn the benefits of strengthening my glutes. My running is stronger and continues to improve. This class can be adapted for people of all abilities—Nicole can easily tweak an exercise for beginners to pros. All in all, I value my training with Nicole and love this intense, focused glute class.”

Emily, Oak Park, IL

Mama & Baby Fit

This 6-week class will teach you the basics of safely returning to exercise after pregnancy. You’ll learn exercises you can do at home with baby, how to address incontinence and/or diastasis recti (abdominal separation that frequently occurs after pregnancy), and strategies  for optimizing pelvic floor function while building full-­body strength. Class capped at 6 participants. Recommended for moms with babies ages 6 weeks to 9 months old (or not yet mobile).

When: Saturdays, 10-10:45am

Where: The Birth Boutique, 128 Harrison St., Oak Park

Cost: $160 for 6-week session. 

Register: Sign up at

“I signed up for Mama + Baby Fit when I was 8 weeks postpartum thinking I’d ease back into exercise, have a fun activity with my new baby and meet some other new Moms. I was a veteran boot camper and runner before and during pregnancy and was ready to transition back to my old routine. Nicole’s class was perfect for that transition. She checked me for diastasis recti and taught me a series of breathing techniques and strengthening exercises to promote continued healing, prepare my core for more strenuous activity and move safely while caring for my increasingly heavy baby. She also cautioned me to avoid some of my usual exercises because they can cause harm to a healing pelvic floor. Without this advice, I would have no doubt pushed myself too hard. I highly recommend working out with Nicole to take care of your healing body postpartum.”

Andrea P., Oak Park

Movin’ Moms & Kids

This class is not just for the kids. In fact, don’t tell anyone, but you’re the one about to get your workout on. Learn how to move better, get stronger, and break a sweat, all while playing with your preschooler. Each week will feature a new “natural movement” skill, including rolling, crawling, squatting, balancing, lifting and carrying, jumping and hanging. We will take these skills and incorporate them into games, obstacle courses, relay races, and other fun, creative activities. You’ll bond with your little one(s) and learn new ways to get fit and have fun at home!

This class is currently not being held. 

“I’ve always stood behind the concept of incorporating my kids into my “workouts,” whether this means playing a game of Hot Lava with them on the playground, making up our own obstacle courses, or having dance parties in the living room. Over the years, I’ve found creative ways to engage my kids’ interest and bond with them, while I get a great workout. Natural or primal movements—things like rolling, crawling, squatting, balancing, lifting and carrying, jumping and hanging—are ideal for mom-child movement sessions because your child can safely participate, and because they are highly rewarding skills for both adults and kids.”

Nicole Radziszewski Certified personal trainer, MovNat certified trainer and postnatal fitness specialist. Founder of Mama’s Gotta Move, Inc.