Personal Training

At-home workout program design

After two in-person sessions, I’ll take your goals and movement abilities into account to design a personalized six-week workout program. All workouts are designed so that you can do them on your own time, in your own home if you prefer.


  • One 60-minute full-body alignment and movement assessment
  • One 60-minute movement coaching session
  • Customized six-week workout program, designed so that you can train on your own time, at home or at the gym
  • Support through email
How much: $350
Please email Nicole at
“I started working with Nicole about eight months ago because I saw the benefits that my husband was experiencing working out with her. I’m an athletic person, doing lots of cardio, but I had not done any strength training as part of my fitness program. What I didn’t understand was just how important core strength is. Since I’ve been training with Nicole, I have noticed great improvement in my fitness. I am able to run outside on the streets at least once, sometimes twice a week—and I haven’t been able to do that for a long time. All of that is attributable to workouts with Nicole. Nicole is a real pleasure to work out with. She’s demanding because she knows that I can do much more, and she’s also pleasant at that at the same time she pushes her clients to reach their maximum potential.”

Mary Jo, River Forest, IL

Personal training

If you are interested in personal training, please email Rates from $85-$95 for 60-minute sessions.

“I first started working out with Nicole in the fall of 2010. I quickly realized this was like no other workout I’d ever done. It was more focused, extremely efficient and results were fast. Nicole learns your physical needs and limitations quickly and gently helps you achieve the results you are hoping for. I didn’t expect to learn so much from our training sessions. I look good, feel good and most important, I understand how my body works. It took a lot of wasted gym memberships, unnecessary injuries and less efficient workouts previously to get even half of these results! Nicole is amazing – she inspires her clients to set goals, understand their workouts, and get the most from them. The benefits and results are visible, quick and really worth the investment.”

Danielle, River Forest, IL

New mama package

Are you a new mama looking to resume working out and get in shape after pregnancy? Do you have questions about how to strengthen your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor, or concerns about what exercises are safe to do with diastasis recti? In three sessions, you’ll learn how to connect with your deep core muscles; why alignment matters and how to improve yours; and effective exercises you can do at home, with or without baby. Whether you are an avid lifter, runner, yogi or just a mama looking to move well, this package will help you safely and confidently return to the activities you love. A great value and perfect baby shower gift for the active mom.


  • One 60-minute assessment and introductory session
  • Two 60-minute personal training sessions
  • Take-home postpartum fitness guide
Cost: $270
Contact: to purchase or for more information.
“During my second pregnancy, I developed diastasis recti. I felt overwhelmed by the mass of information online, which was sometimes contradictory. I couldn’t figure out what exercises to do or avoid to deal with the problem. I met with Nicole just once, and she gave me some exercises that I still do every week. She helped me with ways to think about strengthening my core and being more mindful about the way I move and pick up my children. The advice she gave me has definitely helped my healing process and continues to help me strengthen my core.”
Sarah F., Oak Park, IL