Why Move?

Frequent, smart, natural movement keeps us strong, energized and ready for anything mom life throws at us!

Join the mama movement

The Mama Movement is an international, virtual community of mamas who recognize the value of natural movement in their lives and who want to support each other in moving often and moving well.

Our bodies thrive on movement, but intermittently following a fitness program at the gym is not enough. We need to move well, frequently and in a variety of ways for our bodies to reap the many benefits of movement. If you want to get stronger, have more energy, feel better in your body, have more fun with your kids, sleep better, have a healthier relationship with food, and save time and money, this is the place to start.

Move Well

To be a mom is to move. It’s what we do. We lug groceries, hoist kids into car seats, and get on our hands and knees foraging for stray Legos. At the same time, movement is our outlet- whether lifting weights or sneaking in a run before the kids wake up. We want our bodies to do all of these things, but quality movement doesn’t always come naturally. Maybe you’re struggling with changes to your body after pregnancy. Or maybe you’re a runner, but knee pain is keeping you from achieving your goals. Mama’s Gotta Move’s workouts for women are designed to help moms build a foundation of natural movement patterns so we can successfully tackle mom life and athletic endeavors alike.

Train Smart

Being a mom is all about time management. Moms don’t have hours to spend daily at the gym. Our “me time” comes in random spurts ( and sometimes undergoes long droughts). A sick kid can easily derail a fitness program, and all the willpower in the world will get you  nowhere on four hours of broken sleep. Mama’s Gotta Move is not about sidestepping life’s circumstances and getting to the gym NO MATTER WHAT. It’s not about logging calories or beating yourself up for missing a workout or eating a piece of birthday cake. It’s about giving moms the tools they need to incorporate movement into their busy lives. And it’s about promoting balance: granting yourself permission to work out when the sink is full of dishes, and permission to sleep in when you’re tired.

Play Often

When’s the last time you climbed the monkey bars or leaped across your furniture to avoid the hot lava? Do you look at your kids and wish you could have that much fun? Being a mom offers endless opportunities for playful movement. Young children practically beg us to move with them-to play tag at the park, climb on the monkey bars, have a dance party in the kitchen. But instead of embracing an impromptu park workout, many of us shy away from it. We lack energy, we are self-conscious about looking silly, and we’ve forgotten how to play. Mama’s Gotta Move is about reigniting your playful spirit.