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For all who are curious about what happens at a park playdate, here’s what we usually do:
— Warm-up that involves either a game of follow the leader across park equipment, or some ground movement stuff such as crawling variations and locomotor movements
— Stations: We’ll move our way across a park or facility, often starting at monkey bars and working on hanging, traversing, climbing, etc. (everyone does their own thing at their own pace); then finding areas of the park to practice natural movements such as balancing, jumping, etc. It’s all very chill and everyone sort of does what is comfortable and accessible to them– no pressure!
— Cooldown: Often we end with more crawling stuff and get silly with little ones if we have them.

Sound fun? I promise, it is! Hope to see you there!

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Where: Local parks

How much: Free

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Enjoy a moms’ night out with snacks and drinks, and learn how to exercise safely and effectively in the fourth trimester and beyond. Women’s health physical therapist Dannan Siano of Viva Physical Therapyand pre/postnatal fitness specialist Nicole Radziszewski of Mama’s Gotta Move will share advice for moms of all ages and stages–whether you’re six weeks postpartum, or six years!

Please bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes, as we will be doing some gentle movement. Please email or to reserve your spot. There is no cost for this event!

 Thursday, April 19,7-8:30p.m.

Where: Lively Athletics, 109 N. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park

How much: Free